Lonavala, Pune, Maharashtra, India !

Manufacturing A Reliable & Attractive Collection of Leno Bags, Vegetable Leno Bags, Paper Carry Bags, Non Woven Plain Bags, Non Woven Bags, Non Woven Cotton Bags & Other Variety of Bags...

About Us

Carry Bags prove to be useful on a daily basis, they make the shopping experience and daily life easier for many. Using them, one can carry necessary files, stationery items, daily necessities, agricultural produce and much more with ease. This is the reason, demand for all these have always been high. These days, not only functionality but the attractiveness of the bags have also become important. This is the reason, customers try to find the perfect options in the market. The search of many end at our company, Sanyo Enterprises. We are led by an intelligent man, who holds a massive working experience, he is none other than Sanyogita Sable. He motivates and guides us to produce the best collection for clients. He provides the team of employees with best amenities to work with. This provide them the necessary supported essential for quality production and work.

Our range of Paper Carry Bags, Leno Bags , Vegetable Leno Bags, Garlic Leno Bags, Cotton Bags, Cloth Printed Bags etc. is designed by a skilled team of craftsmen. This team assures that each of our bags meet the high standards of the domain along with being trendy & attractive. The designs of this collection can be modified along with their sizes and color scheme as per the demands of individual customers. This has become a prevalent reason to our success as a manufacturer and exporter in the market. 

Our Global Presence

For past 4 years, we have continuously showcased an efficient and quality performance in the marketplace. Leaving no space for error, we have worked in compliance to the international standards of the domain. This has created a positive image of our enterprise on the global platform. Our punctuality has also contributed immensely to our popularity. To remain this famous, we are constantly improving our ways of working and expanding our distribution networks in order to remain equally punctual in communicating with customers as well as delivering products. 

Why Us?

Our company is proud dealer of Non Woven Plain Bags, Paper Handle Bags and much more. Worldwide, we have created a highly positive image of our enterprise with the support of the following reasons:

  • Our ethical business policies
  • Our ability to meet bulk customer demands
  • Our quality customer support

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